Updated 02/27/2023

Improve cleaning of vacuum oven

5 Whys #
Causes Chain
Root Cause Analysis

The contaminant is deposited within the oven during the process


To heat the parts of the oven to avoid a condensation of the binder

Gas is condensed on the oven parts


Use the binder that will not be condensed within the oven

Gas separates from the parts that are sintered within the oven


Wash or somehow remove the binder from the parts

The binder remains within the parts before the sintering


Wash the binder out with a special solvent

The binder is added into the parts to keep the shape

This is the fundamental reason for the problem (FRP).

Do not use a binder

Aug 13 2021 12:21:37 pm
Cause and Effect Chain #

Analyze why the vacuum furnace cleaning takes so long, and why it is complecated.

The vacuum furnace cannot perform its functions as desired: the furnace converts the binder material into gas, while the vacuum pump does not succeed in removing all the gas from the furnace.

Aug 14 2021 12:30:36 pm
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