Updated 02/27/2023

Speeding up CI/CD processes

5 Whys #
Causes Chain
Root Cause Analysis

We cannot move fast enough with our development process


Beef up CI/CD machines. A possible short-term solution to buy us some time. But it is not infinitely scalable.


Current development, test, review, deployment cycle is very long


Try to find a way to optimize the processes. Maybe run things in parallel. This might get expensive.


Our cycle is very restrictive and blocks the developer from moving fast


Allow the process to be looser. Manage the risk somewhere else.


Over time the CI process was build by adding more into it, and we are failing the build if anything fails

This is the fundamental reason for the problem (FRP).

Rethink the release process altogether. Remove redundant steps. Maybe we are doing things twice.

Jul 29 2020 3:12:07 pm
Inventive principles #
we remove all the processes from CI and leave only the CD related jobs
the deployment cycle will become exactly as long as required for deployment
Code quality may drop and we might miss bugs that would normally be caught in CI
Contradiction notes:
We are analyzing the option that was ranked the highest in 5 whys: "Allow the process to be looser. Manage the risk somewhere else."
Improving parameter
Description of what is improving:
Speed of deployment will increase
Selected improving parameter:
Worsening parameter
Description of what is worsening:
quality might drop
Selected worsening parameter:
Difficulty of detecting and measuring
Matching principles:
  • 3
    Local quality
  • 16
    Partial or excessive action
  • 27
    Cheap short-living objects
  • 34
    Discarding and recovering
  • Jul 29 2020 3:41:22 pm
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    Anatoly Agulyansky avatar

    Anatoly Agulyansky


    This is a great example how to apply the problem solving tools help to save time of a process. Good job.