Updated 07/10/2024

Improvement of Polystyrene Nano-Spheres Density and Uniformity of Mechanical Organization on PDMS Substrates Lotem Kitaroo and Sharon Luzky

From all the ideas that we thought about along the way, we came to the insights that there are certain processes that we can do to improve the results. According to the rating of the ideas:

Make skew in rubbing durations - to find optimal durations to give nanospheres to deposition and adhesion one to another

Ensure that big and small particles distributed equally. Mix them before rubbing.

Not continues movement of gear. Move and stop and then move and stop (in pulses).

Do the process with one size\different sizes of nano spheres.

Add to the nanospheres ethanol or material that decrease surface tension.

Conduct thorough research and testing specifically focused on the compatibility of sputtering and coating processes with polystyrene nanospheres

Use differrent substrate.

Change temperature to ensure good diffusion. The sample and the equipment can be heat with hot air.

After testing and trying, we found that Ensuring that big and small particles distributed equally, Mixing them before rubbing- This is the most applicable solution, which has already begun to be performed in the laboratory and shows good results.

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Anatoly Agulyansky


It is a great job, guys. You analyzed the problem. used creative thinking tools, generated innovative ideas and tested them.

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