Updated 02/27/2023

Magnetic PDMS micro-pillars

Current situation

Today the known process is not efficient enough in terms of cost and time - creating the PDMS pillars is taking long time and can be possible only one mold at a time.

today to create 1 PDMS micro-pillars you need to do the following steps:

  1. create a silicon mold with negetive holes in the clean room - lithography process - 1 to few days process in university environment
  2. coat the silicon mold with anti-adhesive coating - all night
  3. apply magnetic nano-particles (mixed soultion with aceton) on the mold and using a strong magnet to pull the particles into the holes
  4. cast the PDMS on the mold with the particles
  5. de-gassing all the air - one hour
  6. cure the PDMS in the oven -all night
  7. pill the PDMS - the device is ready


  1. We can't create multiple devices at the same time without creating more molds in the clean room
  2. More time in the clean room costing a lot of money
  3. Each mold taking a lot of time to make
  4. The process in the clean room requiring skilled operator to do the process

Problem statement

  1. creating one device at a time is taking to much time
  2. Because of current situation - to create multiple devices I will need to create more molds - which means a lot of time in the clean which cost money.
  3. Skilled operator is needed for each mold
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Anatoly Agulyansky


This is a great project. You made excellent analysis and got to the best solution. Your project confirms again the powerful of the Functional Modeling and 40 Inventive Principles. Continue to use the platform.

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