Updated 06/13/2023

Finding a solution to the bubbles that are created during welding in Aluminum. sahar gordo levin shaked cohen farjon

In this project we would like to find a solution to the problem of the bubbles that are created as a result of the welding due to the confinement of gases in the material during the solidification process.

Welding is the act of joining two bodies, (usually metal bodies) by melting or heating a part of the two bodies, and solidifying again after cooling. Aluminum is a material that is often used in the In industries that use welding because it has a low density, high strength, and good corrosion resistance. Welding defects are flaws, irregularities, and imperfections formed in a given weldment, compromising its intended use or aesthetic appeal.  Defects often change in size, shape, and extent based on the metal structure and the welding process. The major causes of defects are the wrong choice of welding method or incorrect welding patterns. However, there are many other causes that may lead to specific flaws in a weldment. Weld defects may occur inside or outside the metal, weakening the joints or affecting their appearance. While some flaws can be within permissible limits, others may lead to product rejection. Thus, it is essential to avoid weld failure. There are many types of defects that are formed on the welding of two metals, In this project we will focus on find the solution to the bubble failures.

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Anatoly Agulyansky


Great project. I like your 5+Whys analysis especially. Thank you.

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