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Updated 06/13/2023
Project Poster | Finding a solution to the bubbles that are created during welding in Aluminum.

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Aluminum is common material used in the welding industry due to its suitable properties, Although aluminum welding generally has disadvantages. One of these weaknesses is the formation of porosity, which will affect the welded joint's mechanical properties. porosity is formed due to two mechanisms, shrinkage porosity caused by shrinkage during the metal solidification process and gas porosity caused by air trapping and undissolved hydrogen. The welding process often produces gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and steam. During welding, the metal goes into a liquid state and then cools at a rapid rate. because In a liquid there is a higher solubility of a gas than in a solid, This may trap gases inside the material and create bubbles when the welding takes place. n order to minimize the problems with the porosity of the material due to welding, it is necessary to control the speed of the process, thermal gradient, dynamics of melt pool flow and solidification. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we use laser beam welding.