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Updated 06/13/2023
Project Poster | Use of solar energy directly for household needs (without converting into electricity)
Student: Ophir Arad

This project aims to find better ways for solar energy harvesting, storage and usage - in a non electric ways, which will offer more versatile usable energy.

Updated 06/5/2023
Project Poster | Laundry clothes - example for PFM Webinar #10

The project aims to analyze the washing, drying, and ironing of clothes. Use Process Functional Modeling for the analysis. This is an example of how to use Process Functional Modeling and see this tool's power.

Updated 02/27/2023
Project Poster | Targets splinters after trapshooting contaminate nature - how to solve this problem

A good example of how to use 40 Inventive Principles for ideas generation.