Updated 02/27/2023

Urgency - Importance Matrix Example: Prioritize tasks after returning from vacation (at work and at home)

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Before vacation - make clear back up list and tasks to complete by your backup. After vacation - make passdown meeting with your back ups.

игорь Isay генчин Genchin


It is very important solution for this problem

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To reduce high turnover at the plant the managers propose different ideas, but it does not help. All proposed solutions are good, but there are some of them that are blocking the effectiveness of the rest of the solutions. The purpose of the project is to analyze the proposed solutions (perceptions) and define the blocked. The solutions with high blocking rank should be completed first to ensure the effectiveness of the rest of the ideas. The Perception Mapping (PMap) creative thinking tool was used for the blockers definition.

Anatoly Agulyansky