Updated 09/21/2022

Wafer breakage at flash heating

Current situation

Wafer breakage occurs at flash heating operation


  • Lost wafers - low yield
  • Tool contamination - long maintenance is required after the breakage
  • No clear and reasonable explanation (model) of the breakage exists
  • No clear directions for the process improvement to avoid (or at least) reduce the number of broken wafers

Problem statement

No reasonable model of the wafer breakage that occurs at the flash heating operation

Success criteria

Exclude wafer breakage or at least reduce in ten times the number of affected wafers

Similar projects

Updated 12/5/2022

Wet cleaning is widely used in microchip manufacturing. Single wafer equipment is working as follows. A wafer rotates, and chemistry is poured from a movable nozzle. Water rinsing is performed at the end of the process. Loading of a new batch of the chemistry resulted in excursion - a strongly increased amount of defects was observed on the wafer after the processing. The project is dedicated to the failure analysis and creation of innovative solutions.

Anatoly Agulyansky