Updated 09/21/2022

Wafer breakage at flash heating

Model of the failure

Wafer flies and hits the pins due to the pressure differences that occur at flash

Possible solutions

  1. Eliminate a wafer movement and flying - hold a wafer with a vacuum chuck
  2. Eliminate the pressure difference - perform the process at low pressure
  3. Eliminate hit - redesign centering pins to avoid hitting of the wafer during its movement

Also, reduce a pressure before flash with the top light

Similar projects

Updated 12/5/2022

Wet cleaning is widely used in microchip manufacturing. Single wafer equipment is working as follows. A wafer rotates, and chemistry is poured from a movable nozzle. Water rinsing is performed at the end of the process. Loading of a new batch of the chemistry resulted in excursion - a strongly increased amount of defects was observed on the wafer after the processing. The project is dedicated to the failure analysis and creation of innovative solutions.

Anatoly Agulyansky