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Updated 06/6/2023
Project Poster | Vacuum cleaner problem

The vacuum cleaner problem is an excellent example showing how to manage and resolve excursion - unexpected deviation from normal operation. Read, learn and use the platform for resolving of your excursions.

Updated 06/5/2023
Project Poster | Laundry clothes - example for PFM Webinar #10

The project aims to analyze the washing, drying, and ironing of clothes. Use Process Functional Modeling for the analysis. This is an example of how to use Process Functional Modeling and see this tool's power.

Updated 05/17/2023
Project Poster | How to prevent engineers' turnover at the plant

To reduce high turnover at the plant the managers propose different ideas, but it does not help. All proposed solutions are good, but there are some of them that are blocking the effectiveness of the rest of the solutions. The purpose of the project is to analyze the proposed solutions (perceptions) and define the blocked. The solutions with high blocking rank should be completed first to ensure the effectiveness of the rest of the ideas. The Perception Mapping (PMap) creative thinking tool was used for the blockers definition.

Updated 05/17/2023
Project Poster | Urgency - Importance Matrix Example: Prioritize tasks after returning from vacation (at work and at home)

An example of how to make task prioritization with Urgency - Important Matrix (UMI) using the PRIZ Innovation Platform

Updated 02/27/2023
Project Poster | Improve safety on stairs

People fall down on stairs. One of the reasons is that they do not keep a handrail. How to make people keep handrail while at stairs