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Updated 09/29/2022

Wet cleaning is widely used in microchip manufacturing. Single wafer equipment is working as follows. A wafer rotates, and chemistry is poured from a movable nozzle. Water rinsing is performed at the end of the process. Loading of a new batch of the chemistry resulted in excursion - a strongly increased amount of defects was observed on the wafer after the processing. The project is dedicated to the failure analysis and creation of innovative solutions.

Updated 09/24/2022

In past decades, polymeric micropillar devices have gained a great deal of attention in micro and nano technology research as the result of their potential and practical usage in many applications. This project is going to deal with the process of how to fabricate the magnetic micropillars, from the beginning – the planning and design, improving the existing process, lithography to create the base silicon mold and then creating the PDMS pillars that contains nano magnetic particles of Fe_3 O_4, the process today is not efficient enough in terms of cost and time and we are wishing to improve it, in the end we will have a device with micro-pillars that can move correspondingly to external magnetic field which will help us to do many advanced experiments in the biology field like using the device for cell stimulation.

Updated 09/22/2022

In our company, the CI/CD processes are very long (over 2 hours). Since this is a blocking step in the release flow it causes holdups of our fast-paced releases. Eventually, we are getting a backlog of unreleased features, which could be mitigated by releasing many things at once, but that comes with additional risks.

Updated 09/21/2022

Flash heating of a wafer is widely used in microchip manufacturing. The purpose of the process is to prevent the diffusion of ions and atoms. During the flash process, a wafer breakage occurs. The project's purpose is to learn and understand the mechanism of the wafer breakage and propose the solutions to prevent the wafer breakage

Updated 09/21/2022

The vacuum furnace is used for sintering parts made of metal powder. To keep the shape of the parts, a binder is used. The main problem is that the vacuum furnace becomes dirty and needs a very long cleaning. Regular washing was not successful. We investigated the process and found that washing should be dedicated to the conversion of the material into a form that results in the formation of gases having low temperature of the condensation